Engage in trade with focus on quality services to customers and professional competences. Develop new markets and products and expand business. Provide innovative services to our clients.
Horus Global aims to become the most well-known trading company in the global marketplace. We will strive to hone our expertise to deliver the sustainable values to all stakeholders and inspire the care for communities while making every effort to achieve our intention.
Constructed trust to become a high credible company that provide the best quality products and services.
Establish into the stronger network in the international market and possessing sales office in most countries.
Achieve sustainable growth in the international marketplace and execute social responsibility.
Achieve major market share by providing excellent customer service, competitive prices and innovative solutions to customers.
HORUS GLOBAL focuses is on developing and growing an export-import portfolio including all developing market areas between Turkey and the Balkans.
Consumer obsessed and devoted to growing markets, HORUS Global partners with highest quality brands from the food and beverage sector.